Our Philosophy

We work under the guiding principle that we don't know everything.

So we work. We ask questions, we research, we read, we study and we talk to multiple stakeholders to best understand your challenges and identify best-practice solutions. If there are none, we create them, and help you put them into practice.

Our curiosity and passion guides us to build on our expansive experience.

We believe that most the best form of R&D is "rip off and duplicate". More often that not, business lessons can transfer across functions and industries, so you'll find us leveraging seemingly unrelated examples from other industries and applying them to your business.

We believe in data and facts, so we lean on the numbers to identify new opportunities. We believe in informative content and targeted distribution. We believe in turning information into intelligence and ideas into action.

Most of all, we believe in good people. Life is too short to work with those brilliant jerks we've each encountered. And unless we're curing cancer, work's not important enough to sling BS (hmmm, actually, especially if we're curing cancer there should be no BS). So we stay away from it and give you the straight goods.

We believe that no outsider should come in and try to fix everything that troubles an organization without first turning to the experts -- the people who've already learned and committed themselves to the company.

We believe in the team.

My Story

Every business has a beginning.

After a great run of dream jobs that had me attending the biggest and best sporting events, and partnering with globally recognized brands, and travelling to all corners of the world, it was time to apply my experience to new industries.

Guided by passion and curiosity, I opened The Marcovici Company to pursue new industries, new challenges and new entrepreneurial opportunities.

Having started my career as a journalist, I've long believed in storytelling, which naturally translates to marketing. But it's the act of writing for a particular reader which influenced my writing and marketing strategies most -- understand your audience, serve your customer, study the reaction and improve with each effort.

The Marcovici Company enables me to work with a variety of clients in wide-ranging industries, which has sharpened my customer-obsessed and data-oriented marketing skills. This has ensured that I can satiate my curiosity and help businesses and communities focus on shared success.

Though it's built on more than two decades of grinding work and extraordinary experiences, this business has a clear beginning. Its future is yet unknown.

Next Steps...

If you'd like to chat about your business, its challenges and opportunities, or simply want to hear about how we've helped organizations large and small build their brand, drive revenue and delight their customers, drop us a line.